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1 May – The USNSC and USSSC will take a hiatus for 2012 and effective with this announcement are cancelled for this year. We are grateful for all the support from Teams and Sponsors and will be contacting each individually. Be Safe!


25 October – The 2011 USNSC Competitions
The 2011 USNSC Competitions are now history. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped and participated – especially the folks from Tulsa County Sheriff's Office who worked the ranges and supported the competitiors. It was a great week in Tulsa, perfect weather, a world-class range facility, good attendance, and fierce competitions. There were over 650 attendees with 23 SWAT teams, 31 Sniper teams and 12 TacMed Teams. It doesn't get much better and we can hardly wait until next year!!!

22 October – 2011 Final Results
The Final Results for all three USNSC competitions; SWAT Team, SWAT Sniper, and TacMed are posted on their respective websites…it was a great year and the competitions couldn't have been better. Bruce Power of Canada showed its dominance once again and won its fourth USNSC Overall Championship. Oklahoma County Team #1 (Jim Anderson and Jason Ruegg) were the victors in the SWAT Sniper Championships and won the Best On-Call Team Trophy and Oklahoma Cup. Tulsa County won the inaugural National TacMed Championships. Details on all the teams posted on the Results Pages.

14 October – Combat Medical Systems
The USNSC is please to announce that Combat Medical Systems (CMS) has joined the USNSC family of sponsors in support of the inaugural National TacMed Championships. CMS is a unique company composed of combat medical practitioners and industry product development specialists. Their innovative approach to tactical/combat medicine delivers high quality training and effective, intuitive solutions for tactical medicine. We are proud to have them join us. Visit CMS and learn all their capabilities at: www.combatmedicalsystems.com.

13 October – The USNSC is open to the public
We're in Tulsa setting up for the 2011 US National SWAT Championships. Check out the Results Pages starting on Monday 16 October for each of the Championships to see who's winning.

  • US SWAT Sniper Championships 17&18 October
  • National TacMed Championships 17&28 October
  • US National SWAT Championships 19-22 October

It is shaping up to be a great week of tactical competitions!!!

13 October – One Prize rule
The One Prize Rule is in effect for all prizes awarded at the USNSC. This means a team/person can only win one product prize from a sponsor. Teams are awarded all the trophies they earn. Here is how it works: if a team wins a stage that has boots as a prize award and then wins another stage that has boots as a prize award, the second stage win boots will be awarded to the team finishing in second place on that stage. If they have already won boots the prizes go to the third place finishers, etc. This provides a wider distribution of prize awards and more exposure to our generous sponsors.

12 October – The USNSC is open to the public
All of the USNSC competitive events (SWAT, Sniper, TacMedic) and the Vendor Exhibition and Demonstrations are open to the public 17-22 October at the US Shooting Academy (6500 E. 66th Street, Tulsa, OK 74117). Admission is free.

10 October – Ruag AmmoTech
Ruag AmmoTech, a premier manufacturer of precision ammunition, will conduct a product demo of their new Copper Matrix Frangible Training Ammunition on Wednesday, 19 October at 1130 on the 100m range behind the Vendor Exhibition tent. Interested individuals will have the opportunity to shoot the rounds (weapons and ammo provided) and learn about all of Ruag and Swiss-P products. Just go by and sign-up at the Ruag Booth.

10 October – Leupold Optics
We will again have several Leupold Mark 4 MR/T 1.5-5 Riflescopes for sale following the competition at below cost just to move them. Individuals who have interest should contact Dr. Jack for pricing. You can pick them up at the range on the 22nd of October and take them home.

6 October – Bushnell Optics Demo
Bushnell will conduct a demonstration of their new Elite Tactical Riflescopes featuring Horus reticles on Wednesday 19 October at 1300 on the 100-meter range behind the Vendor Tent. You can sign up for to shoot and test these outstanding scopes at the Bushnell booth on Wednesday morning.

3 October – Team Reception and Banquet Tickets
Team entry fees include tickets to the Team Reception (USSSC and TacMed Awards Banquet) on Tuesday 18 October and the USNSC Awards Banquet on Saturday 22 October. Teams will receive one ticket per registered team member. Both events include buffet meal and drinks. Additional tickets will be sold at registration for $35 each. You must have a ticket to enter the reception and banquet. No tickee no entry! We will not sell tickets at the door so teams should plan ahead if you have folks you want to bring to the party.

1 October – Team Registration
All team registration will be conducted at the Renaissance Hotel in accordance with the following schedule.

  • USSSC Sniper Teams Sunday 16 October 1000-1400
  • TacMed Teams Sunday 16 October 1000-1400
  • SWAT Teams Tuesday 18 October 1000-1400

If a team cannot make their registration time they must coordinate for a different Registration time with us before hand. There is no registration at the range or on competition days. Call us at 480-854-9955 if you need to .

23 September – Special Ops Challenge
The dress rehearsal has been completed and the major change has been the cancellation of the Taser Team Takedown stage. It will be replaced with the Special Ops Challenge in honor of the Special Ops units serving overseas. Team Captains should have received the first Captain's Update that has the explanation and diagram of the stage. If not please give us a call.

23 September – US SWAT Sniper Championships
The only event change (other than some targeting!) for the USSSC is on the Sectorization Problem stage. This year both team members will begin the stage in gas masks and wear them through the pistol engagement portion of the stage. Once they finish firing the pistol they can remove the masks and complete the stage in regular gear.

20 September – SWAT City
We will again have SWAT City (area across from the lake and club house) reserved for teams to park and pitch their tents/camps. Plan on bringing your unit/department flag/banner to fly…..Parking by the ranges will be restricted this year to reduce traffic and a new entrance has been opened (closer to the main road) for entrance into the US Shooting Academy.

16 September – The National TacMed Championships
The National TacMed Championships has 5 slots remaining in this year's field. To participate a team must register (see TacMed Page). Teams require one medic on the team (1 Medic-1 SWAT officer or 2 Medics). If you have questions about the National TacMed Championships please review the TacMed page or call us at 480-854-9955.

9 September – Dress Rehearsal
The 2011 Dress Rehearsal will be 12-14 September following which any modifications to the competition stages will be sent team Captains. We have been notified that Taser will not be sponsoring an event this year and as a result the Taser Team Takedown stage will be modified. Details to follow shortly.

5 September – National TacMed Championships
The National TacMed Championships has 8 slots remaining in this year's field. Entry fee includes both the training (hemostatic control, officer triage/rescue and weapons) on 17 October and the two-event competition 18 October. Specific information regarding training requirements (equipment, ammunition, etc.) and information on the competitive stages will be sent to registered teams after the dress rehearsal on 13 September. If you have questions about the National TacMed Championships please review the webpage (button on the right) or call us at 480-854-9955.

2 September – DeadStop Shield Training
We will be conducting Tactical Shield Classes again this year and will be using the new DeadStop shield. This NIJ tested and approved shield is a quantum leap in shield technology and provides level IIIa protection at 11 pounds. Teams should contact us to reserve their slots in the training class, which will be limited to 60 students max, 20 per 4-hour session. Shield training will be conducted on Tuesday-Wednesday 18-19 October. More details to follow.

2 September – USNSC Discount Rooms
The availability of discount rooms at the USNSC hotels is quickly reaching our contracted maximum. Teams, Vendors, Sponsors and others who want to take advantage of the lodging deals we have made must act fast. Be advised 30 September is the deadline for our discount rate at the Renaissance. Starting 1 October rooms there will be at their normal rate which is substantially higher….forewarned is forearmed.

18 August – ALOFT Tulsa and Lodging
The Aloft Tulsa has been added to the discounted lodging available to USNSC attendees. ALOFT is brand new, 1st class hotel and part of the Starwood Hotel Group. More information on ALOFT is available on the Lodging Page. Be advise we are expecting an increased number of teams this year and rooms are limited at each USNSC property. Teams are advised to make their lodging arrangements at their earliest opportunity. At the Renaissance Hotel USNSC discounted room rates will expire in September or when the reserved block is full and pricing will then be at a higher rate.

15 August – Targets for Training
The targeting for this year's competition will be considerably more difficult than in past years. In all probability there are some shots that if they are not specifically practiced ahead of time will be extremely difficult to make (Rick said it was getting too damn easy!). It is recommended that teams set up courses of fire/targets as close as possible to those diagramed in the Competition Books. We will again be using steel and moving targets from MGM Targets who is making them available to teams at discount. MGM can be contacted at 888-767-7371 or on line at www.mgmtargets.com.

12 August – 2011 Team and Sniper Competition Books
The 2011 Competition Books have been sent to all registered teams. To receive a Competition Book your team must be registered. The Competition Books describe and diagram the stages for each competitive event and should be the basis for your training. Any modifications to the courses of fire will be sent to teams following the dress rehearsal 12-14 September.

13 July – Tactical Medic Seminar and Competition
The National TacMed Championships (NTC) and Advanced Tactical Medic Seminar are now open for registration. Seats are limited to 40 individuals in the seminar and 20 teams in the NTC. Teams and individuals interested in participating should review the information on the TacMed Home Page at right. FYI, the seminar and competition can be entered separately. If you're a tactical medic come on out learn something and see where you stack up against your peers. FYI, the NTC is not for the weak or faint of heart!

8 July – DeadStop Police Shields
The USNSC is pleased to have DeadStop Police Shields, a division of L.C.O.A. Composites join the USNSC as a Presenting Sponsor. L.C.O.A.'s technology is a leap forward in protective composites. The DeadStop Shields are the lightest NIJ approved shields in the world with the IIIA 22x48 inch shield weighing in at just over 10 pounds and they specialize in customizing designs to unit specifications. The USNSC will be using the DeadStop Transport Shield (6.6lbs!) in the Bus Assault stage. Check out DeadStop's entire line of Police Shields and other advanced ballistic products at www.lcoacomposites.com.

7 July – NightForce Optics
NightForce Optics, America's premier riflescope manufacturer, will be an Associate Sponsor of the USNSC and host the NightForce Sniper Hide stage of the US SWAT Sniper Championships. NightForce is known for its high performance scopes that use cutting edge technology and advanced mechanical designs. The NightForce philosophy is to build the ultimate instrument for the desired application. Its all about performance. You can view NightForce's entire line of scopes at www.nightforceoptics.com.

27 June – Tactical Medic Seminar and Competition
The USNSC will add at Tactical Medic Seminar and a National TacMed Championship competition to its program in 2011. These events will take place 17-18 October. The seminar will be a half-day of instruction in officer rescue/extraction platforms, tactical triage and defensive weapons training for the TEMS provider. The Championship competition will have two stages and be open to any two-man TacMed team, local, state or federal from the same law enforcement jurisdiction. The Tactical Medic Seminar may be attended singly and teams don't have to attend the seminar to compete in the TacMed Championships. This year the seminar will be limited to 40 individuals and the competition to 20 two-man TacMed teams. The inclusive price is $300 for the seminar and competition. Please check the TacMed Page by clicking the bullet on the right for more information concerning registration, instruction, rules, and stages.

22 June – JP Rifles Joins USNSC as Sponsor
The USNSC is pleased to announce that JP Enterprises has joined the USNSC as a sponsor and will host the JP Rifles Cardbox Challenge stage in the USSSC. JP Rifles have earned a reputation as the top of the line when it comes to accuracy and reliability. There is a reason most of the top competitive shooter use a JP rifle. Check out the new tactical line of rifles for law enforcement at www.jprifles.com.

18 June – 2011 Competition Books
The 2011 Competition Books for the USNSC and USSSC will be mailed to registered teams on 25 July. Expect a few new events, some interesting new target arrays and serious challenges. Use the books as a guide for your training – you'll know what's coming, do it better than anyone else and you'll be the Champions. It's all really pretty simple!!!

22 May – Tulsa Sleep Inn added as USNSC Hotel
A limited number of rooms at the USNSC discount rate of $69 have been reserved at the Tulsa Sleep Inn. The Sleep Inn is a little over a mile from the Renaissance
and provides teams a less expensive alternative for lodging. Sleep Inn can be contacted at 918-249-8100 or check the lodging Page for an internet link.

20 May – The USNSC and USSSC Competitive Fields
Slots in the competitions are rapidly filling and we are anticipating a completely full field for both sniper and team events. Teams are encouraged to register at their earliest opportunity to secure their slot. If you have questions about the competition contact us at 480-854-9955.

18 May – Avon Protection
The USNSC will again be exclusively using respiratory protection masks and SCBA from Avon Protection. As part of your training teams should practice movement, weapons employment, and marksmanship wearing gas masks and breathing from SCBA. If you have interest in obtaining gear from Avon please contact Anjun Shah at Avon for details on their program: 410-272-1170.

15 May – Ammunition
Teams are required to use their own ammunition for the competition. No tracer, incendiary, armor piercing or steel core ammunition is allowed. If your ammo sticks to a magnet, don't bring it. Teams using unauthorized ammunition will be disqualified and billed for any damaged equipment. This will be strictly enforced in 2011!

18 April – The USNSC Competitive Field is one-third Full
Slots in the competitive field are 1/3 full and we are anticipating a completely full field this year for both sniper and team competitions. Teams are encouraged to register at their earliest opportunity to secure a slot in the competition.

15 April – The Renaissance Tulsa will again be the HQ Hotel
The Renaissance will again be the HQ hotel for the USNSC and all off-range activities will occur there (Registration, Receptions and Awards Banquet). The hotel will offer a discounted luxury double room (2 beds) for $99. The total number of double rooms are limited and with a full field will fill up quickly. It is recommend teams make their reservations early so that they get the rooms they want at the discount rate. Check the USNSC Home Page Lodging Bullet for a quick link to reservations and additional information or call the Renaissance at: 918-307-4026.

15 April – Targeting for 2011
The 2011 USSSC and USNSC will again be using all steel and hard targets from MGM Targets exclusively. Targeting for all events will be modified for this year and teams are recommended to obtain at least one Drop Turner for their training. We have six and there is a reason for that!

8 MarchUSNSC Award Categories
The USNSC will award trophies in the following categories:

Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall
Winner each stage (8) Winner each stage (6)

Top On-Call Team
Top Oklahoma Team* (Oklahoma Cup)
Top Military Police Team* (Military Cup)
* must have six teams in category for trophy to be awarded

Prize packages will accompany each trophy based on prize donations received from event sponsors.

28 FebruaryThe US National SWAT and Sniper Championships
The USNSC and the USSSC are two separate events. Teams must register for each individually and can entry one or both. Teams do not have to be in the USNSC to compete in the USSSC. The US SWAT Sniper Championships is a two-man competition with six stages, entry is $250. The USNSC is a SWAT Team Championship, requires six officers and has eight stages. The entry fee of $900. If you have questions please contact us at 480-854-9955.

18 JanuaryUSNSC Registration and Competitive Field
The Competitive fields for the USSSC and USNSC will remain at 40 teams maximum and will not be increased. To date registration is about 25% full and teams are encouraged to register at their earliest opportunity. If you have questions please contact us at 480-854-9955.

15 JanuaryThe 2011 Competition Books
The 2011 Competition Books for both the US SWAT Sniper and US SWAT Team Championships will be sent to all registered teams in July of 2011. Competition formats will remain the same (full gear, head to head stages, one round per target) and teams can expect two new events in each competition as well as significant changes in targeting.

7 DecemberUSNSC Awards
Beginning in 2011 Second and Third place trophies will be awarded for the overall championship team category in both the USNSC and USSSC.

1 December - USNSC Registration is now open for both the SWAT Team Championships (USNSC) and SWAT Sniper Championships (USSSC)!
Recommend teams register at their earliest opportunity to reserve their slot. As a reminder to team captains/coordinators; the names of team members can be changed up until the on-site registration to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. If you have questions please contact us.

18 November2011 USNSC Registration Opens 1 December
The 2011 USNSC registration will open 1 December 2010 for both the SWAT Team Competition and Sniper Competition. Teams are encouraged to register at their earliest convenience to ensure a slot. The competitive field will be limited to 40 teams each on a first registered first in basis. Team registration forms can be found by clicking on the Registration bullet to the right. Contact us if you have questions: 480-854-9955.

15 November - New Award Category for Military Police Teams
In the past several years the USNSC has seen significant growth in the number of military police teams who compete in the USNSC. As a result, a new category for Military Police teams will be created in 2011. It will be know as the Military Cup and the category will be awarded to the top finishing military police team if the field grows to six competitive teams or more.

11 October - 2011 USNSC Registration Opens 1 December 2010 – The 2011 USNSC registration will open 1 December 2010 for both the SWAT Team Competition and Sniper Competition. The field will be limited to 40 teams each on a first registered first in basis. Team registration forms can be found on the website - Click on the Registration bullet. Print out and fax the form to the USNSC at 480-807-4179.

19 September USNSC 2011 Competition Format – The USNSC will keep its traditional format for competition in 2011. The field will be limited to 40 teams and the sniper competition will consist of six head-to-head stages and the SWAT team competition will have eight stages. Each stage will be run in full gear and teams can expect several new events in each competition and an array of new targeting.

1 August The 2011 USNSC 17-22 October – The 2011 USNSC will remain in Tulsa at the US Shooting Academy but move to October 2011 to take advantage of cooler weather and reduced activity of many law enforcement agencies. The field for both the US SWAT Sniper Championships and US National SWAT Championships will remain at 40 teams each (maximum) with using a “first registered - first in” process. For planning purposes the following is the tentative USNSC activity plan and schedule.

October 2010 Team Invitations will be emailed
1 December 2010 Registration Opens for USSSC and USNSC
1 July 2011 Competition Books will be sent to registered teams
17-18 October 2011 US SWAT Sniper Championships
19-20 October 2011 Vendor Exhibition
20-22 October 2011 US National SWAT Championships

More details will be published as final plans are completed. Questions? Contact the USNSC at 480-854-9955.

29 July USNSC Webpage Updates - will generally revert to a monthly update schedule beginning 1 August 2010 through 1 March 2011. However, significant announcements, key news and other critical information will be posted as it becomes available.

5 July – Photos and videos from the 2010 USNSC have been posted. If teams have any photos or videos they would like to add, we would be more than happy to post appropriate ones on the USNSC Home Page. Please contact us to coordinate: 480-854-9955.

28 June – The dates for the 2011 USNSC and USSSC will be posted in early August.

27 June - The 2010 US National SWAT and Sniper Championships have concluded and what grand affairs they were! The competing teams were the most talented in USNSC history and nothing short of inspiring. The USNSC staff was superb and the stages were flawlessly run. Teams universally agreed the courses of fire were the most challenging yet and heat and humidity made the venue a place where only the strong could prevail.

The strongest of the strong was yet again Bruce Power of Canada who demonstrated excellence in every area, winning both championships. They have clearly established themselves as one of the top tactical teams in the world. As three time defending USNSC Champions they have set a high standard for others to emulate and the team to beat in any competition they enter.

The USSSC came down to the final event where Bruce Power prevailed over hard charging sniper teams from Dallas SWAT and Oklahoma County, OK by a mere five points after six stages, with only ten points separating the top five teams. It was a very high quality field and it took the tie-breaker for Dallas, the defending USSSC Champions, to edge out Oklahoma County by .5 of a second for the runner-up spot.

The USNSC champion was decided early, with mighty Bruce Power sweeping every stage. However the positioning for places 2-7 came down to the last event, the Taser Team Takedown. San Antonio SWAT edged Zurich Switzerland by a single point for second place and won the GSG-9 CTC Invitation. LaPlata County Colorado was the On-Call Champion (4th place overall) and Oklahoma County won the Oklahoma Cup. Again the quality of the competition teams was evident with just 10 points difference between second and sixth place.

It should be noted that Bruce Power, in a display of character, sportsmanship, and camaraderie, passed their winning stage prizes to other competing teams. This reflects the make up of not only Bruce Power, but all the teams. Perhaps John LaTouf of Bruce Power summed things up best when he said, “When the whistle blows we give it all we’ve got. But when the event is over we are all brothers and it is an honor to be in this family.”

26 JuneThe results for the US Swat Sniper Championships and The US National SWAT Championships have been posted on the Results Page for each competition. Please click on the appropriate Results Bullet on each competition’s home page to view the final standings and the results for each stage.

16 JuneThe Competitive Field – The competitive field for the US SWAT Sniper Championships and the US National SWAT Championships are set. There will be 40 sniper teams competing and 26 SWAT teams.

15 JuneGlock – Will be holding a walk-up speed and accuracy competition to showcase their new G$ pistols. Anyone attending is invited to participate. It will be on a range behind the vendor tent and begin at 1300 on Wednesday 23 June. Pistol and ammo will be provided. Competition will be scored on time and hits with the winner awarded a new Glock-G4. Sweet!

15 June 2010 Prizing Rules - The Prizing Rules for 2010 will remain the same as in past years: no team or individual is permitted to be awarded two of the same prizes. For example, if a team wins two events (or an overall championship category and event, etc.) and boots are awarded as part of both prize packages that team can only receive one of the boot awards (of their choice). The second set of boots would be awarded to the team next in finishing order (of the event or category) who has not already be awarded a boot prize. Winning teams will receive all of the trophies and recognition for categories and events they win (except Overall Champion cannot also win ON Call Championship). The same rules apply to raffle winners (we'll redraw if there is a double prize winner). Winning teams will be notified when the Prizing Rule is to be applied.